Adam Levine in Nissan GT-R Test Drive Video

Here’s the story: Nissan challenged Adam Levine, lead singer of pop band Maroon 5. The automaker said Levine couldn’t sing while being driven around at breakneck speeds in the Nissan GT-R.  He took them up on the offer.

In the Nissan GT-R test drive video that resulted, Adam starts out sounding good, singing the first few lines to Maroon 5’s hit single, “Sugar.” He maintains control during the first burnout. However, as soon as the GT-R gets into motion, Adam can’t help but yelp a little.

For the first half of the ride, Adam manages to stay focused, though his vocal performance is peppered with nervous laughter and also the occasional howl of delight. Pretty soon, the speed and tight handling of the GT-R immobilizes his voice and he can only utter a lyric here or there. Eventually, he explicitly concedes, “I don’t even care about singing anymore. I’m just going to enjoy this!” His face is lit up with delight. At the end of the ride, he says, “I want to do it again!”

We here at Nissan of Lake Charles are sure this is what you would say if you test drive any of the great new Nissan models on our lot.

Florida Man Sells 1996 Maxima Back to Nissan

Have you ever tried to see your used car on your own? It’s hard work, isn’t it? For Orlando resident Luke Akera, he used a bit of creativity to sell his heavily-used 1996 Nissan Maxima—and his work paid off since Nissan ended up buying the car back from him.

Aker originally posted an ad on Craiglist that described his Maxima with phrases such as, “properly weathered leather,” i.e. torn leather seats; “exhausted from the majestic work that it has done,” i.e. steering fluid leak; and even more choice phrasing. What sealed the deal for Nissan, however, was Aker’s camera work.

Aker, a professional filmmaker, created an ad that we think was worthy of prime time (with the exception of the car itself). He was able to almost make you forget that you were looking at a 1996 Maxima. If you haven’t seen it yet, go take a look at “Luxury Defined” on YouTube.

According to Forbes, Nissan not only purchased the car for Aker’s $1,400 asking price, but also chipped in an extra $1,000 to Aker’s charity of choice—Wounded Warriors Project.

“We saw Mr. Aker’s video ad yesterday and couldn’t pass it up, once we finally stopped laughing,” said Erich Marx, Nissan’s director of interactive and social-media marketing, in an interview with Forbes. “We know a good deal when we see one, especially on such a classic, so we jumped on it.”

What a great way for Nissan to recognize Aker’s hard work and to give back to the community at the same time.

Nissan Altima named best sedan for used buyers

2006 Nissan Altima

Right now, dealer demand for the pre-owned Altima might be best expressed by that old Van Halen song: everybody wants some. The Nissan Altima has been named the best midsized sedan for used car buyers, and demand for the affordable-but-fun car is up. The 2005 through 2010 models received the best marks from Edmunds.

The Nissan Altima is well-known for reliability, and its fuel-efficient-but-stylish design make it fun and family-friendly. Interior ergonomic design and comfort, as well as ultra-smooth operation, make it great to drive.

And, while demand for the Altima is up, now may be the best time for buyers to look for used cars. The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) reported in April that we could see the price of used cars decrease this summer, and they have recently confirmed that report.  In fact, some models’ value could drop by $900 in only one month.