Fun Road Trip Games for your Spring Vacation

It’s hard to believe that winter is finally over, after that brutal one even we here in Louisiana fell prey to. You can rejoice, however, because it truly is gone! And because it’s over, that means it’s time to start planning your spring vacation. You’ll need to figure out a budget and where you want to go; you’ll have to pack your bags and reserve your lodging; and, just as importantly, you’ll need to figure out just how you plan to keep the kids in the back entertained for a long car trip. When DVDs and iPods don’t do the trick—or if you really want to promote family bonding—we recommend some of the following fun road trip games to try out!

  1. License Plate Game: Family members try to spot a license plate from as many states as possible. Alternatively, you can try to find a car in every color of the rainbow, or perhaps every vehicle from the current Nissan model lineup! (But we at Nissan of Lake Charles may be a little partial to that one.)
  2. Alphabet Game: Look for words on signs or on vehicles that begin with the letter A. Once you’ve spotted an A word, you’re on to B. The first person to get through the alphabet wins.
  3. The ABCs of Shopping (or Zoos, or History, or More!): This is a fun memory game where you “go to a grocery store” and buy something that begins with an A. The next person must go and buy something with a B, but first must recite what was bought that begins with an A. Eventually, it’ll become much harder to remember everything that was purchased! You can also pretend to be at a zoo and tell what you saw, or going on a time machine to grab historical figures, or even looking in a Crayon box for a certain color. Use your imagination!
  4. Riddles: Before you leave, research and print off a bunch of riddles to take with you. Try stumping family members with these riddles, and enjoy watching your kids’ faces as they try to work through them.

Do you have any fun road trip games you’ll be trying out on your spring vacation? Share them with us and other readers in the comments below!