Nissan Pulls Some Pranks with #WorldsCleanestCar LEAF

With its zero-emissions electric technology, the Nissan LEAF is already a pretty clean car, but earlier this year, Nissan showed us how it was getting even cleaner with a prototype nano-paint technology that repels dirt, oil, and water.

Now, Nissan is taking the #WorldsCleanestCar to social media with fun videos, games and interactions. In the first installment, Nissan has released “The Nissan Paint Prank” where innocent bystanders witness a paint crew “accidentally” spill paint all over the

LEAF. Lucky for them, the paint just rolls right off.

Viewers can then turn to Instagram for a fun “Guess the Mess” challenge. There, fans try to guess what liquid is being poured on the LEAF. Next, they can participate in the “Will It Stick?” game where fans can suggest things they’d like to see dumped on the LEAF and then Nissan will choose a few suggestions and try them out.

Fans can follow along with all the fun on Instagram with the hashtag #WorldsCleanestCar.

Nissan doesn’t have any plans to use this high-tech coating on production models, but is still considering it for an aftermarket option.

Will you be playing along in the #WorldsCleanestCar LEAF games?

Nissan Leaf Takes on the Chevy Volt in 2015

When the Nissan LEAF and Chevy Volt were first introduced in 2010, the two electric cars were fierce rivals. Though the two cars have been laying low for a few years, they are both facing complete redesigns for next year, and we’re expecting things to heat up again.

The Volt will bring with it some serious competition, but we aren’t scared. Bring it on, Volt – show us what you’ve got. The Nissan LEAF is rearing and ready to roll. The 2015 LEAF has taken a page from the Tesla Model S, and will offer a choice of battery pack sizes.

According to a recent Yahoo Autos article, “Nissan product chief Andy Palmer told Green Car Reports that he could envision two or even three battery choices, which could give the next-gen Leaf more driving range than the current car’s 84 miles. How far? Possibly between 120 and 150 miles.” Whoa, whoa, whoa. That even puts the Toyota Prius Plug In with only 15 miles electric driving to shame.

The Volt will likely be installing a smaller, more affordable (or profitable) battery pack, but doing so won’t increase the electric driving range much past its current 38 miles.

We’ll keep the boxing gloves off for now – a little friendly competition never hurt anyone, right? Although we can’t say for sure when the Nissan LEAF will be available in dealerships, we are pretty darn excited to see the electric car hold its own!

Stop by Nissan of Lake Charles to check out the LEAFs we have in stock today!

Nissan Leaf Rises to the Challenge with Regenerative Braking

Do you like good cars and pretty scenery? Then take a look at this video:

The two-minute clip depicts Neil Wagner, a Maui resident who climbs the volcano in Haleakalã National Park in his Nissan Leaf to catch a beautiful sunrise. The trip is no small task: after getting more than 10,000 feet above sea level, the Leaf has used about 84 percent of its usable battery capacity.

So how did he get back down? Not by refueling or recharging, but by using regenerative braking, a technology only available with an electric motor. In a typical car, braking represents a significant loss of energy. In the Leaf, regenerative braking gives some of that energy back. Each time Wagner applies his brakes on the way down the volcano, his battery recharges a little, allowing him to complete the trip back home.

If that sounds like the kind of technology you could get behind, check out the Leaf at Nissan of Lake Charles!

Fun Road Trip Games for your Spring Vacation

It’s hard to believe that winter is finally over, after that brutal one even we here in Louisiana fell prey to. You can rejoice, however, because it truly is gone! And because it’s over, that means it’s time to start planning your spring vacation. You’ll need to figure out a budget and where you want to go; you’ll have to pack your bags and reserve your lodging; and, just as importantly, you’ll need to figure out just how you plan to keep the kids in the back entertained for a long car trip. When DVDs and iPods don’t do the trick—or if you really want to promote family bonding—we recommend some of the following fun road trip games to try out!

  1. License Plate Game: Family members try to spot a license plate from as many states as possible. Alternatively, you can try to find a car in every color of the rainbow, or perhaps every vehicle from the current Nissan model lineup! (But we at Nissan of Lake Charles may be a little partial to that one.)
  2. Alphabet Game: Look for words on signs or on vehicles that begin with the letter A. Once you’ve spotted an A word, you’re on to B. The first person to get through the alphabet wins.
  3. The ABCs of Shopping (or Zoos, or History, or More!): This is a fun memory game where you “go to a grocery store” and buy something that begins with an A. The next person must go and buy something with a B, but first must recite what was bought that begins with an A. Eventually, it’ll become much harder to remember everything that was purchased! You can also pretend to be at a zoo and tell what you saw, or going on a time machine to grab historical figures, or even looking in a Crayon box for a certain color. Use your imagination!
  4. Riddles: Before you leave, research and print off a bunch of riddles to take with you. Try stumping family members with these riddles, and enjoy watching your kids’ faces as they try to work through them.

Do you have any fun road trip games you’ll be trying out on your spring vacation? Share them with us and other readers in the comments below!

Don’t Forget to Set Your Parking Brake!

Now be honest: how many of you set the parking brake every time you park? We at Nissan of Lake Charles admit we forget at times; but we dare say many of us should be using the parking brake much more often than we do.

Your parking brake is not only for emergencies when the brakes fail or for parking on steep hills. According to Driver’s Ed Guru, the parking brake should be set each time you park your car.

If you set the brake before you release your foot from the brake pedal and move your gearshift into park, the parking brake helps take the pressing weight off the transmission (manual or automatic). It also provides a smoother transition as you shift into drive and hit the road again.

Perhaps you already knew all of this information, but you simply forget to set your parking brake. We suggest you place an item next to the brake handle to remind you to set it and subsequently release it before you get back on the road. For instance, a cell phone charger or a pair of sunglasses work well – something inexpensive that you don’t mind leaving in the vehicle.

Join us as we all make a conscious effort to remember to set our parking brakes.

Nissan Issued Recall

We here at Nissan of Lake Charles love the cars we sell, and we do our best to make sure that you find the perfect Nissan model for you and your family. But, the safety of you and your family and of the ability of the cars we sell to keep you safe is what matters most to us. Today, we’ll be going over some information on a current Nissan recall and we hope that you will contact us as soon as possible so we can get you back on the road safely.

Yesterday, Nissan and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a recall yesterday for 989,701 vehicles in the United States for an issue with the passenger side airbag systems. The models included in the recall are 2013 and 2014 model years of Altima, Leaf, Pathfinder, and Sentra as well as the 2013 NV200 taxis. The issue is located in the occupant classification system which determines, via weight, whether a passenger is present or not. If this mechanism fails to detect a passenger, the passenger side airbag may deactivate and therefore fail to deploy in the event of an accident.

Official notification from Nissan will be delivered mid next month, but every Nissan dealership will be able to update your car’s software, free of charge, so please don’t hesitate to contact our service center and get your car in to fix this very important issue!

Nissan Predicts a Future Full of EVs

The Nissan LEAF has done tremendously well since it entered the marketplace in 2010. In fact, Nissan has sold more than 100,000 units of the all-electric Nissan LEAF globally. Nissan expects even greater success with the EV—and EVs from other automakers—in the coming years.

Nissan actually told the Wall Street Journal that it should be able to outsell original projections. The Japanese automaker is now shooting for 1.5 million EVs by 2020, as more Americans come to accept electric vehicles as viable modes of transportation and as Nissan penetrates other markets across the globe with the LEAF. The LEAF will actually be making its debut in South Korea later this year.

Sure, electric vehicles still have some issues. Drivers worry about their range and the lack of refueling infrastructure, and others are turned off by the prices. However, range has already improved tremendously over the years and will continue to as time goes on. In addition, recharge times are going down, and at the same time, more infrastructure is being added across the country. And those seemingly high prices are actually steals when you factor in government rebates and incentives.

Have any questions about Nissan’s electric and other fuel-efficient models? Stop in to Nissan of Lake Charles today for some help!

Nissan appoints a Scientific Advisory Council to assist with research

Everyone knows Nissan produces the best vehicles. Okay well maybe we’re a little biased here at Nissan of Lake Charles but we believe most people would agree with us! And even though most of our models are amazing choices for any car buyer, Nissan says they’re not good enough…but they will be!

Nissan recently appointed a Scientific Advisory Council to help with research being performed at the Nissan Company’s North American Research Center – Silicon Valley, or NRC-SV for short. The board will assist by providing independent advice and recommendations on matters of science, technology, and research as well as researching new methods in autonomous vehicles, connected vehicles, and human/machine interaction. We’ve all heard about Nissan’s “self driving” autonomous vehicles and it looks like they’re taking yet another step in making this science fiction day dream a reality!

Maarten Sierhuis, Ph.D., director of the Nissan Research Center Silicon Valley was quoted saying “I’m honored to welcome these leaders in user experience, human-robot interaction and human-systems engineering to the Nissan Research Center – Silicon Valley Scientific Advisory Council. I am thrilled to have their invaluable insights and feedback as we embark on the development of autonomous vehicles at NRC-SV.”

With this new collaboration we can’t wait to see what Nissan has in store for the up and coming years!

Florida Man Sells 1996 Maxima Back to Nissan

Have you ever tried to see your used car on your own? It’s hard work, isn’t it? For Orlando resident Luke Akera, he used a bit of creativity to sell his heavily-used 1996 Nissan Maxima—and his work paid off since Nissan ended up buying the car back from him.

Aker originally posted an ad on Craiglist that described his Maxima with phrases such as, “properly weathered leather,” i.e. torn leather seats; “exhausted from the majestic work that it has done,” i.e. steering fluid leak; and even more choice phrasing. What sealed the deal for Nissan, however, was Aker’s camera work.

Aker, a professional filmmaker, created an ad that we think was worthy of prime time (with the exception of the car itself). He was able to almost make you forget that you were looking at a 1996 Maxima. If you haven’t seen it yet, go take a look at “Luxury Defined” on YouTube.

According to Forbes, Nissan not only purchased the car for Aker’s $1,400 asking price, but also chipped in an extra $1,000 to Aker’s charity of choice—Wounded Warriors Project.

“We saw Mr. Aker’s video ad yesterday and couldn’t pass it up, once we finally stopped laughing,” said Erich Marx, Nissan’s director of interactive and social-media marketing, in an interview with Forbes. “We know a good deal when we see one, especially on such a classic, so we jumped on it.”

What a great way for Nissan to recognize Aker’s hard work and to give back to the community at the same time.

2014 Nissan GT-R rises in price including Track Edition

The Nissan GT-R has been a fan favorite when it comes to roadsters. There’s not a lot that will keep our Nissan GT-R fans from running out and picking up the next year’s model, but this year their pockets might take a slightly bigger hit than usual. Nissan announced it’s pricing for the model year 2014 Nissan GT-R not too long ago.  The 2014 Nissan GT-R Premium will hit a new high MSRP of $99,590 with the GT-R Black Edition reach upwards of $109,300 and the Special edition, limited production, track edition maxing out at $115,710.

Although these price increases may seem steep to some, Nissan considers the 2014 Nissan GT-R Track Edition is the most exclusive model, with its limited production only reach 150 models for the U.S. market. With solid black 6spoke tires, Damp Tronic shocks, carbon fiber rear spoiler, and a slew of other top of the line updates, our experts at Nissan of Lake Charles have no trouble believe the limited edition2014 Nissan GT-R Track Edition is well worth the price increase. If you’d like to learn more about the Track Edition, possibly in hopes of getting your hands on one, feel free to check out the brief overview at!