Study Says that Used Cars are Cheaper in Cities

If you live in the suburbs or out in the country and are thinking about purchasing a used vehicle, you may want consider heading to a nearby city for your next test drive.  A recent study conducted by ( found that used cars are more affordable in metropolitan areas.

Researchers for found that used car dealerships within a 50-mile radius of a major city price their vehicles an average of $345 lower than dealerships outside that 50-mile radius.  The study included both used and new car dealerships.

This rule isn’t quite universal.  Indiana and Arkansas were exceptions, and actually had prices lower for used cars that were less outside the 50-mile radius. wants to make it clear that this in no way an indictment on rural dealers, but the purpose of the website is to track the trends of the automotive industry and give its readers the most useful information during their car-buying experience.

Langley Steinert, CEO of CarGurus, suggests buyers get a quote from a city dealership and give their local dealership a chance to match it before buying elsewhere.

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