Nissan Uses Objects as Inspiration for Vehicles

An artist’s muse is his most important source of inspiration—normally a stunning woman, the muse invigorates the artist’s mind, making him capable of creating beautiful art. In Nissan’s case, the relationship of artist and muse is a bit different than the norm. Rather than gorgeous women inspiring the designers behind Nissan’s vehicles, everyday items take the place of the traditional muse.

According to Francois Farion, senior manager of Nissan color and design strategy, “Objects for us designers are very important. They allow us to communicate very well our design intention and to keep that intention all along the project.”

These objects, such as a bulldog in sunglasses that inspired the Nissan Cube’s sturdy image, act as a way for designers to keep their original ideas in their heads. Some of the main 3D objects that were used as metaphors for current and concept Nissan vehicles were displayed at the Nissan 360 program for media, which runs through September 15 in Southern California. Objects on display vary from a shark fin that was behind the 370Z’s sleek shape to a motorcycle tank that influenced designers to create a similar shaped center console for the Nissan Juke.

Interested in seeing other 3D objects that Nissan has found inspiration from? Click here to check it out!

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