Nissan Unveils Self-Driving Car

Nissan recently unveiled its first self-driving vehicle at the CEATEC ( electronics show in Japan.  Dubbed the NSC-2015, the vehicle is able to drive through city streets or highways without the assistance of a driver.

A driver doesn’t even need to be in the car when the vehicle is in motion.  New integrative smartphone technology allows the owner of the NSC-2015 to control everything wirelessly.  The NSC-2015 can even drop the driver and his/her passengers off at the door, find a parking space and pick them up after they’ve finished a meal or completed their shopping trip.

“The vehicle looks for a vacant parking space while identifying its surroundings; once it detects an open parking space automated parking begins. The driver can also use smartphone commands to make the NSC-2015 vehicle leave the parking space and return to the place where he or she is,” says a Nissan spokesperson.

Although consumers won’t see self-driving cars on the road anytime soon, there are some technologies in the NSC-2015 that could be applied to other vehicles sooner.

An anti-theft system utilized panoramic cameras that are able to give the driver a live feed of what is going on outside their car.  If something or someone approaches the vehicle, the driver will be notified on their smartphone and they can then view the live feed and sound the alarm if necessary.

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