Nissan trucks knuckle down for the long haul

The full size truck segment has always been filled with tough competition, and this is no surprise for Nissan or us here at Nissan of Lake Charles. With competition becoming even fiercer over the next two years with new models from key competitors, Nissan is prepared and vowed, to dig its heels in and field an all-new full size truck model of its own.

Pierre Loing, vice president, Product and Advanced Planning and Strategy, Nissan Americas was quoted saying, “As a full-line manufacturer, we aim to be a player in every part of the truck business…our truck teams in Michigan, Arizona, Tennessee and Mississippi are hard at work on a next generation full-size truck line that will expand Titan’s appeal to a broader spectrum of truck buyers, including the all-important skilled trades-buyers. Our new truck will be filled with Nissan innovation and expertise without compromise.”

Although no timelines or details about the new model are being released currently, we here at Nissan of Lake Charles believe that with the increasing popularity of the Titan, since its release in 2003, Nissan will be fielding a strong full size truck segment competitor.


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