Nissan Taxi’s Find the ‘Perfect Yellow’

More work goes into yellow than people might think.  In fact, once Nissan won the bid to create New York’s new line of taxis it took the auto manufacturer about a year to find the perfect shade.

The 2014 Nissan NV200 Taxi will soon be hitting New York as the City’s new taxi, and with 600,000 New Yorkers using taxis each day, it will soon become one of the most recognizable symbols of the city.  Nissan knew this and understood that selecting the right color would be paramount.

Initially, there was talk of going with a different color completely. “We actually started first to check and see if there was a chance to change from yellow to something else,” said Francois Farion, senior manager of color and design for Nissan, but the message from the “big apple” was clear- remain yellow.

The task then became to find the perfect shade.  Nissan’s team looked toward everyday objects like handbags, coffee mugs, umbrellas, etc… for inspiration, and soon the perfect shade was discovered.

“You have all of these yellows currently on New York taxis,” said Farion.  “We wanted to make it look slightly lighter and slightly fresher.”

After a year of yellow research, Nissan has found the shade they believe is “icon-worthy”.


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