Nissan Resonance Concept Crossover creates bold style

The concept crossover called Resonance debuted over the weekend at the 2013 North American Auto Show is getting, well, some echos back.

The Resonance, which features boldly futuristic aerodynamic styling as well as superb fuel efficiency, debuted in Detroit on January 15. The concept’s exterior design showcases Nissan’s V-Motion, an aerodynamic shape that strongly rounds the front hood and highlights the iconic boomerang-shaped headlights. The roof is of a unique “floating” design, which uses steep A-pillars and a full-length glass panel to keep the car looking long.

Inside the vehicle is a host of high-tech. The advanced instrument panel uses a generously sized console for information and entertainment, and the open glass roof makes the crossover seem even bigger.

Right now, the Resonance is strictly a design concept, being used to showcase the efficient hybrid electric drivetrain developed recently by Nissan. The all-wheel drive vehicle uses a one-motor, two-clutch system to combine gas and electric systems. This technology may be seen in later Nissan vehicles.

For more information, check out Nissan’s press release.

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