Nissan Partners with British Gas to Pioneer Electric Vans

Nissan recently completed tests of its prototype electric van, the e-NV200.  The e-NV200 traveled over 1,200 miles with a full payload, and was tested against the same regulations as standard vans.  The results of the trials were thought to be positive by both Nissan and British Gas.  For a full breakdown of the e-NV200 trials, visit

The goal of the e-NV200 is to revolution shipping by eliminating the need for large, gas-powered vehicles.  This overall goal is not attainable in the immediate future, but the promising trials of the e-NV200 have the British Gas Fleet right on track to accomplish their more immediate objective.  The British Gas fleet hopes to switch 10% of its 14,000 light commercial fleet to electric vehicles over the next three years, which would be beneficial to them and the environment.

“With fuel prices continuing to rise, one of the biggest benefits of e-NV200 is the breakthrough in long term running cost savings,” said Colin Marriott, general manager of the British Gas fleet. “Over the course of the trial, our e-NV200 test car drivers have told us they are happy to do away with diesel and go electric.”

Nissan e-NV200 Concept


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