Nissan of Lake Charles Salutes Nissan Canton Plant’s Donations to United Way

Nissan has always been a strong supporter of amazing programs like the United Way, and we here at Nissan of Lake Charles would like to give thanks to our Nissan family members at the Canton, Mississippi plant. Together, along with Nissan’s help, they have pledged more than $354,400 to the United Way!

Vice President of Manufacturing for Nissan’s Canton plant said “One of the privileges of being on the Canton team is the opportunity to support United Way and other community betterment organizations. We do that through our contributions as well as employee volunteerism and it makes me especially proud to work with a group of employees that are so generous and supportive of helping others in the community…”

It warms our hearts at Nissan of Lake Charles to hear about the amazing efforts our fellow Nissan teams are striving for in order to better their communities and our world as a whole. If you would like to donate to the United Way, you may contact them on their Take Action page. Again, Nissan of Lake Charles would like to offer our thanks and congratulate Nissan Canton assembly plant for their continued efforts and for leading all of us by example in making our world a better place!

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