Nissan Leaf Thinks Out of the Box to Get People’s Attention

Everyone knows Nissan is working hard on build more and more charging stations to support the growing number of Nissan Leafs on the roads. These numbers are being supplemented by new programs to introduce the Nissan Leaf into public transit systems to help congested cities such as L.A. and Portland (just to name a few) reduce on carbon emissions. Well, Nissan has constructed numerous new plug in stations although these might be a little harder to get to, unless you live in a video game!

Earlier this month, Nissan teamed up with the developers of SimCity and created the “Nissan Leaf Charging Station” downloadable content (DLC for short) available for download for the game! These new in game charging stations are detailed to look exactly like a real life station (including the iconic blue Leafs “fueling up”) and even come with a little Nissan Leaf billboard for advertising. These stations will be available to SimCity gamers for the next six months.

Although this isn’t the first time car companies have teamed up with video game developers to throw in a little hidden advertisement. But the Nissan Leaf charging station is by far the most interactive guerilla marketing tactic yet! Learn more at Nissan of Lake Charles!

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