Nissan GT-R Strives to be Fastest Nissan Ever

The Nissan GT-R is well known worldwide for its power and speed, something Nissan prides itself in. And with every new model released, Nissan still tries to shove more and more horses under the hood. After deciding to use the Nissan GT-R as a brand image for its performance segments, it was widely expected that a Nismo (Nissan’s racing segment) branded GT-R would be coming soon. Luckily for us here at Nissan of Lake Charles, and for our readers, some initial information has been leaked!

Earlier this year there was a lot of people talking about the Nissan Super GT-R, but Top Gear recently released that Nismo was going to be improving the GT-R’s power, handling, and styling. The current Nissan GT-R is already a fan favorite among Nissan fans but these upgrades are going to leave them drooling on the pavement! With these upgrades, the Super GT-R is expected to increase horsepower from 545 to nearly 570 and (according to Top Gear experts) an eye popping ring lap time of seven minutes and 22 seconds! For more information on the current Nissan GT-R models available, feel free to check out our inventory pages to see what we have!

Nissan GT-R

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