Nissan fights against New York Supreme Court for Taxi Deal

Nissan scored a big win not too long ago when they sealed the deal to make the NV200 the “Taxi of Tomorrow” for the city of New York. This would make the newly designed Nissan NV200 the primary Taxi vehicle for the entire city. Although this new NV200 model took some major strides in redesigning the taxi cab in fuel economy, driver safety, and customer comfort, there’s a big problem facing the change now. The New York Supreme Court is fighting against this new deal stating that the deal is “null void and unenforceable”.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg “Taxi of Tomorrow Plan” originally stated that the new Taxi design would need to be a hybrid vehicle. This plan was to continue striving towards a greener public transit system. Due to the fact that the NV200 is not a Hybrid, despite the previously agreed upon deal, the New York Supreme Court is ruling against the new Nissan vehicle. Despite these setbacks, many believe Nissan will be able to overcome the objections and still be the official taxi of New York City.

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