Nissan Donates to Help Victims of Typhoon in Philippines

Whether it’s a tornado, a hurricane, or a typhoon, the devastation a natural disaster can cause is astounding—countless lives can be lost, homes can be ruined and whole towns can disappear. When a natural disaster occurs, everyone should put in a helping hand to help recovery efforts. Two weeks ago, Typhoon Haiyan swept the Philippines costing over 5,000 lives with the count still rising.

After the news of the Philippine typhoon spread across the world, people came together to join in the recovery effort. One of the contributors to this effort was Nissan Motor Co., who has pledged to donate 20 million yen, the equivalent of about $2 million US, to the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines.

According to a press release, Nissan will donate 10 million yen immediately to the NGO Japan Platform, an organization that is currently providing urgent rescue efforts to the Philippines. The carmaker will also provide vehicles to help with the recovery effort. This donation shows the sympathy of Nissan employees around the world.

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