New Nissan smell at Detroit show

The Detroit Auto Show is one of the industry’s biggest events, and gives car manufacturers an opportunity to show off new concepts, upcoming models, and developing technology. But it’s not just about cars – OEMs ¬†also create exhibits reflective of their brands and vehicles. Nissan plans to kick it up this year by adding their own “brand smell” to the exhibit. reports that Nissan said in a statement Tuesday, “As is tradition in luxury hotels and retailers, which pipe pleasing music and fragrance into their lobby and common spaces, the Nissan display features its own special scents and sounds, carefully choreographed to create a complete experience for visitors.”

Although it’s not the first automaker to experiment with aromatherapy (Subaru piped in a pine scent about a decade ago), Nissan plans to create a signature scent that it may one day incorporate into dealership showrooms.

What’s the new scent of Nissan? The statement Edmund’s references says it’s “quite a modern smell – a bit Oriental.”

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