New-Car Fuel Economy at an All-Time High

Researchers from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute recently reported that fuel economy ratings are at their highest. These researchers used data collected since October of 2007 – and the auto industry has made big changes in five years.

Remember where you were on Halloween of 2007? If the car you drove to pick up your candy was at the national average, it earned 20.1 mpg.  That has now risen to 24.1 mpg: a huge 20 percent increase.  The number has even increased from this September when the average was at 23.8 mpg.

“The improvement in fuel economy in the past five years corresponds to a 17 percent reduction in fuel consumption per distance driven,” said UMTRI research professor Michael Sivak.

As usual, Nissans are no average vehicles – the 2013 Sentra, for example, gets an average 34 mpg. Even the massive Pathfinder earns 26 mpg on the highway – so your whole family can stay ahead of the curve.

To learn more about UMTRI’s research, visit them online at

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