Nissan’s New “Ride of Your Life” Campaign Brings Focus Back to Performance

Today, it seems that most car buyers are focused on a vehicle’s efficiency, fuel consumption, and impact on the environment. Automakers have been trending in that direction too – and what’s not to like about lower fuel costs and taking better care of our environment? In the midst of a market increasingly interested in electric and hybrid-electric cars, Nissan takes a surprising turn and introduces their “Ride of Your Life” campaign, bringing the focus back to performance.

Car enthusiasts around the world can certainly appreciate a fuel efficient car, but what if the car you considered to be a mediocre sedan could actually provide a thrilling ride? In Nissan’s newest campaign, they convince several dozen consumers that they were cruising around the Horse Thief Mile at Willow Springs Raceway in a race-spec Altima. Only when they peel all the race decals off, do the car enthusiasts realize they were in a regular old Altima – one they could purchase at any Nissan dealership.
The message is clear; the Altima isn’t the lame sedan you thought it was. The thing’s got moves. It has a tight turning radius, impressive power, and looks to boot.
2014 Nissan Altima Specifications
“I would never imagine a four-door car could do any of that,” one passenger said in the Nissan video after her exciting ride.
This is exactly the kind of reaction Nissan is going for. “Performance is still very relevant to the audience for Altima,” Jon Brancheau, Nissan’s U.S. CMO, told Forbes. “In this case, we’re trying to show that in an entertaining fashion with consumers who are genuinely surprised.”
Don’t miss out on experiencing the Altima’s power for yourself. Stop by Nissan of Lake Charles for your own test drive today!