Nissan appoints a Scientific Advisory Council to assist with research

Everyone knows Nissan produces the best vehicles. Okay well maybe we’re a little biased here at Nissan of Lake Charles but we believe most people would agree with us! And even though most of our models are amazing choices for any car buyer, Nissan says they’re not good enough…but they will be!

Nissan recently appointed a Scientific Advisory Council to help with research being performed at the Nissan Company’s North American Research Center – Silicon Valley, or NRC-SV for short. The board will assist by providing independent advice and recommendations on matters of science, technology, and research as well as researching new methods in autonomous vehicles, connected vehicles, and human/machine interaction. We’ve all heard about Nissan’s “self driving” autonomous vehicles and it looks like they’re taking yet another step in making this science fiction day dream a reality!

Maarten Sierhuis, Ph.D., director of the Nissan Research Center Silicon Valley was quoted saying “I’m honored to welcome these leaders in user experience, human-robot interaction and human-systems engineering to the Nissan Research Center – Silicon Valley Scientific Advisory Council. I am thrilled to have their invaluable insights and feedback as we embark on the development of autonomous vehicles at NRC-SV.”

With this new collaboration we can’t wait to see what Nissan has in store for the up and coming years!