Nissan Europe receives first Director of Electric Vehicles

Nissan has had pretty good success with Nissan Leaf sales in America and some other markets, but have had some trouble in Europe. In order to push their Electric Vehicles to a new level, Nissan Europe brought in Jean-Pierre Diernaz (marketing executive from Nissan Infiniti) to turn the tables. European markets have been open to new electric models but are moving along slower than other markets.

Jean Pierre Diernaz started at Ford France where he held several marketing executive positions before jumping teams to Nissan Europe in summer of 2005. Diernaz was promoted to General Manager of Marketing Communications in January of 2007 for Nissan Europe. Diernaz is credited with the success of the ad campaign that helped lead the Qashqai crossover to be the top selling Nissan model in Europe. Nissan is still leading EV sales in Europe with the Leaf but they stated their numbers are still far below their expectations. In order to help with sales, Nissan and Diernaz have considered ride sharing options similar to those in the states, as well as pricing changes to the 2013 Nissan Leaf.