Nissan Pathfinder Ranked as One of The Top 10 Best Interiors fro 2013

We here at Nissan of Lake Charles know that one of the best things about our Nissan cars, trucks, and SUVs is the interior. With their spacious cabins, convenient storage compartments for both the driver/passenger and the riders in the rear, and comfortable interior what’s not to love? But we know that not everyone loves our Nissan’s as much as we do, but this year, the judges agree with us!

WardsAuto held their third annual competition for car makes and models that sport the best interior in the industry. This year, the 2013 Nissan Pathfinder made the top ten! Going up against some tough competition from luxury makes and models like the Cadillac XTS and the Lexus GS450h to name a few of the other winners, the 2013 Nissan Pathfinder stood tall above most of its competitive similar models.

With its EZ Flex Seating System, Latch and Glide Technology, and three zone Automatic Temperature Control (ATC) is no wonder the 2013 Nissan Pathfinder was chosen for having one of the top ten interiors for both the driver and their passengers. If you’d like to learn more about the Nissan Pathfinder, check out our website or feel free to contact us at Nissan of Lake Charles!

New-Car Fuel Economy at an All-Time High

Researchers from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute recently reported that fuel economy ratings are at their highest. These researchers used data collected since October of 2007 – and the auto industry has made big changes in five years.

Remember where you were on Halloween of 2007? If the car you drove to pick up your candy was at the national average, it earned 20.1 mpg.  That has now risen to 24.1 mpg: a huge 20 percent increase.  The number has even increased from this September when the average was at 23.8 mpg.

“The improvement in fuel economy in the past five years corresponds to a 17 percent reduction in fuel consumption per distance driven,” said UMTRI research professor Michael Sivak.

As usual, Nissans are no average vehicles – the 2013 Sentra, for example, gets an average 34 mpg. Even the massive Pathfinder earns 26 mpg on the highway – so your whole family can stay ahead of the curve.

To learn more about UMTRI’s research, visit them online at

Nissan Supports Greening of Detroit

Nissan of North America is planning to give the keys of a Nissan Titan truck to the Greening of Detroit, an environment-focused not-for-profit promoting environmental education and advocacy in Detroit.

“We rely heavily on trucks to move equipment, supplies and materials throughout the City of Detroit in our efforts to promote urban agriculture practices and activities,” said Rebecca Salminen Witt, president, Greening of Detroit. “The donated Titan will significantly help us with our initiatives citywide, and all of us here are very appreciative of Nissan’s support.”

The Nissan Titan has been well-recognized for its outstanding towing capability, making it the ideal truck for delivering trees to parks. To date The Greening of Detroit’s tree planting initiatives that have resulted in delivering more than 70,000 new trees to parks, schoolyards, and neighborhoods.

Nissan Juke Midnight Unveiled

Just when you thought the Juke couldn’t get any more unique, Nissan unveils the Juke Midnight.  The 2013 Nissan Juke Midnight Edition creates an even bolder appearance for one of the most distinctive, sporty vehicles on the market.  Flaunting black accents this Juke demands to be noticed.

The 2013 Nissan Juke Midnight Edition offers styling that only Nissan can deliver.  New 17-inch wheel design, a rear-roof spoiler and mirror caps, in all Sapphire Black, give the Juke a distinct look all its own.

The all-new 2013 Nissan Juke Midnight Edition delivers a fuel-efficient, yet high-performing engine that delivers the fun driving dynamics you would expect from a vehicle with such a sleek exterior.

The Juke’s 188 horsepower and 177 lbs.-ft. of torque provides drivers with enough acceleration and zip to get from point A to point B in a hurry, but it does so without sacrificing fuel efficiency.  The 2013 Juke returns 31 mpg highway and 25 mpg city.

Nissan continues to deliver the technology consumers are looking for in the all-new 2013 Nissan Juke Midnight Edition.  The new Juke offers Integrated Control (I-CON) which allows drivers to choose from three settings depending on the driving scenario: Sport, Normal and Eco.  The 2013 Juke Midnight Edition also features a six speaker sound system with an available Rockford Fosgate subwoofer system, coupled with USB and iPod connectivity.

Men use GPS More Than Women

We have all heard the old cliché about men hating to ask for directions.

Perhaps men try to avoid that feeling of defeat by using GPS systems.  So much so, that they are using them 14 percent more often than women.

According to a recent study conducted by the Australian insurance company AAMI, 64 percent of male drivers utilize the assistance of a navigation system, while only 50 percent of women do.  Granted, this survey was conducted for Australians, but the results were still unexpected.

An AAMI representative said the company “thought it would have been a little more even and maybe even slanted in favor of women,” and went on to say the results as a whole were “surprising.”

Car Manufacturers Offering More Small Cars

A new study conducted by J.D. Power and Associates is giving American motorists that our downsizing their vehicle hope.

As gas prices continue to rise globally, many consumers are opting for smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles.  In the past this meant settling for less power and fewer features, but the J.D. Power and Associates has revealed that this trend is changing.

“Automakers are designing better cars than we’ve ever seen,” said Dave Sargent, Power’s director of global automotive operations. “It’s not just one or two manufacturers. It’s across the board, which means that for consumers it’s a great time to be in the car market.”

Compact cars are shedding the title of “econoboxes” by offering driver more performance and technology options than ever before.   Smaller cars are catching up quickly in order to feed drivers’ craving for in-car connectivity, which could only be achieved in larger vehicles in the past.

“The average compact car today is as good as the midsize car a person might now be trading in,” said Sargent.

Study Says that Used Cars are Cheaper in Cities

If you live in the suburbs or out in the country and are thinking about purchasing a used vehicle, you may want consider heading to a nearby city for your next test drive.  A recent study conducted by ( found that used cars are more affordable in metropolitan areas.

Researchers for found that used car dealerships within a 50-mile radius of a major city price their vehicles an average of $345 lower than dealerships outside that 50-mile radius.  The study included both used and new car dealerships.

This rule isn’t quite universal.  Indiana and Arkansas were exceptions, and actually had prices lower for used cars that were less outside the 50-mile radius. wants to make it clear that this in no way an indictment on rural dealers, but the purpose of the website is to track the trends of the automotive industry and give its readers the most useful information during their car-buying experience.

Langley Steinert, CEO of CarGurus, suggests buyers get a quote from a city dealership and give their local dealership a chance to match it before buying elsewhere.

Paper Road Map Sales Declining

For those of us who own a GPS, smartphone or a vehicle that has a navigation system, the news that paper road map sales are declining may seem commonsensical, but some believe that the experience of using a paper road map is unique enough to last. recently reported in an article that states across the U.S. are seeing a drop in state-printed paper map sales. Compared to a decade ago, Georgia is printing half as many maps and map printing has dropped from 3 million to 750,000 in Pennsylvania. Washington state even discontinued map printing altogether in 2009 due to budget restrictions.

Some states, like Missouri, Connecticut, Mississippi and Nebraska, have not seen any decrease in map printing over that last decade, but even with their consistent numbers, no state is reporting an increase in map printing.

While transportation departments are cutting printing costs, the demand for maps is down. In-car GPS systems, and phones armed with mapping apps, are becoming more popular. Some travel agencies, such as AAA, are seeing fewer map pickups and are developing mobile apps, like the AAA TripTik mobile app, for digital users.

While many opt for the convenience of a GPS system, Chris Turner, a map-collector for Indiana, believes the freedom of using a real map will allow it to stand the test of time.

“With a GPS or other mapping system that you might use, you feel like you’re beholden to the GPS lady. You know? ‘Turn left here. Recalculating,” said Turner. “Well, with a map, you can trace your route and you can decide for yourself still where you want to go.”

Stick Shifts could be Making a Comeback

For years, it has been all but a certainty that the manual transmission was going to fade from existence.  Several automakers had decided to do away with stick shifts completely, including in the production of the high-performing Audi R8 sports car and throughout the whole line of Lamborghini models, but this trend may be turning around.

A recent surge in popularity has manuals accounting for 6.5 percent of new vehicle sales during the first quarter of 2012, according to  This is the highest rate for stick shifts since 2006, and is almost a 3 percent increase from last year (stick shifts accounted for 3.8 percent of sales in 2011).

What accounts for this recent boost in popularity?  There are a number of factors that make manual transmissions more appealing.  The stick shifts generally run about $1,000 cheaper than their automatic counterpart, and a lower sticker price is more attractive than ever in the current economy.  Manual transmissions also last longer in the long haul than automatics, but what most car enthusiasts will tell you is that stick shifts are, quite simply, more fun to drive.

Nissan’s bestselling manuals include its sportiest rides – the 370Z and the GTR – as well as its truck lines. These rough-and-tumble rides are ready for anything, and manual transmissions may give you a little more bang for your buck.