Could Motorsports Energy Drink Sponsorship Be Coming to an End?

It’s a tale as old as time – motorsports and their sponsors go hand in hand. The ultimate love story – both parties need the other. Frankly, we wouldn’t recognize a race car without its sponsorship logos and emblems – or the driver without his driving suit adorned in the same money-earning patches.

Not too long ago, tobacco companies predominately held these coveted positions on race cars and their drivers, but today that’s illegal in most places. As tobacco companies have retreated to the background, energy drink companies have happily come forward to fill that void. An interesting editorial on Asphalt and Rubber warns teams not to get too used to this funding either, since these popular caffeinated drinks could suffer the same fate as those tobacco companies.

The problem is that energy drinks are already banned to Lithuania’s youth, and are facing bans for consumers under 18 in many other European countries. If a ban actually happens, it would make expensive racing sponsorship far less attractive to energy drink companies since they couldn’t reach nearly the same audience as they once did. Europe isn’t the only issue, either. The American Medical Association is also lobbying to ban energy drinks for minors in the US. It’s an issue that’s worth keeping in mind – as we shift to a more health-conscious society (and world), could motor sports take the brunt of an energy drink ban?

What do you think? Is motorsports energy drink sponsorship on its way out, or is this party just getting started?

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Could Your Car Keep You Safe from Lightning?

We’ve all heard it before – the car is actually the safest place you can be in a lightning storm. Something about the rubber tires. But did we really believe your car can keep you safe from lightning? It seems a bit tough to wrap our heads around the idea of a metal box being the safest place to avoid being struck by lightning. Facts are fact though, and folks, we have proof that your car will, in fact, not electrocute you if it is struck by lightning.

Meet Al and Betty Perry, a Canadian couple whose truck was recently struck by lightning (and amazingly, it was captured on film). Ok, so maybe the car didn’t exactly keep them ‘safe,’ as it erupted into a fireball and destroyed the electrical system, so they were locked in, but the couple was not electrocuted.

Luckily, a RCMP officer, Constable Brian Jamont, who was traveling behind the Perrys, was able to break a window and pull the couple out.

Clearly, we do not recommend jumping in your car to protect yourself from lightening, but what an incredible story. We think the Perrys should buy a lottery ticket (or two).

Your car may be the best place to stay safe from lightening

Your car may be the best place to stay safe from lightning


Nissan Altima Makes List of America’s Hottest-Selling Cars

AOL Autos has outlined their list of hottest selling cars in America, and we aren’t the least bit surprised the Altima made the cut. Turns out, Nissan sold 36,000 last month, a 13% increase from May of last year.

There is plenty to love about the Altima. The popular mid-size sedan is the ideal size for comfort and capability, and quality materials and its long list of standard features set it apart from the competition. The Altima features an affordable price tag without sacrificing sharp design and sporty driving capabilities. All of this while still achieving up to 38 mpg highway.

2014 Nissan Altima Specifications

Even better news? The Altima might be a top-seller, but that doesn’t mean you’ll see it on every corner. With a variety of colors, options, and upgrades, each Altima is made to be unique to fit your lifestyle. Whether you’re hitting the town solo, or heading cross-country with the family, there’s an Altima to fit your needs.

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2014 Nissan Altima

2014 Nissan Altima