Renault Nissan electric car sales pass the 100,000 mark

I’d like to apologize first because some of you might be getting tired of hearing us here at Nissan of Lake Charles bragging about Nissan’s amazing line of electric and hybrid cars. But we’re proud of the electric models we off as well as the accomplishments they’ve earned and continued to get recognized for. So today we’re going to talk about them again!

Renault-Nissan’s electric vehicles, which include the Nissan Leaf, have officially hit and surpassed the 100,000 sales mark. This amazing feat took only three years with the first Leaf hitting show room floors in Silicon Valley, California in 2010. The Leaf contributed more than 71,000 units to the total number and with the majority of those being sold in the US. The 100,000th EV sold from the alliance was a Nissan Leaf and was sold in Georgia, a new high market for the model.

The other side of this coin, Renault, sold 30,000 EVs since 2011 but has primarily been focusing on other segments. Interestingly though, their combined efforts with Nissan electric cars have saved over 14 million gallons of oil since the electric models have hit the streets. Combined, the electric vehicles have seen over 5.2 million ion-powered miles tick across their odometers which is pretty impressive considering the short time they’ve been around!

Nissan Altima Coupe Discontinued

The 2014 Model year for Nissan already has a handful of exciting changes that many of us here at Nissan of Lake Charles and Nissan fans across the country. One of the primary changes that are causing some interest is the discontinuing of the Nissan Altima Coupe. Many Altima Coup fans were won over by the innovative design, sleek styling, and a power V6 which pulled in 270 horse power. Many people are speculating on whether or not Nissan will ever bring the Altima coupe back to life but they will be replacing it with several new models.

The new additions to the Nissan 2014 fleet will include the Nissan Versa Note hatcheback, the NV200 Compact Cargo van, the next generation Nissan Rogue, and releasing later in the year the Pathfinder Hybrid will begin hitting showroom floors. Despite these exciting new models and new designs, some of us who are die hard Coupe fans are sad to watch the Nissan Altima Coupe go. Luckily Nissan will still be producing the Nissan Altima Sedan which will have its own full line of adjustments for the coming year.  The only question is will die hard Altima Coupe fans be willing to make the adjustment to the Sedan model, even if it looks as sleek as it does!

Nissan Leafs in High Demand

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about the positive impact the Nissan Leaf has had on our environment and the benefits it brings to its drivers both on the road and in their wallets. But today we have some bad news about the Nissan Leaf…sales are so high there’s not enough to go around! Erik Gottfried, Nissan’s director of electric vehicle sales and marketing, says the sales numbers for the past few months the numbers are much higher than expected. Combine this high demand with the lower production levels of the Nissan Leaf and that leads to more and more show rooms coming up short on inventory. A Nissan is aware of the issue with a representative being quoted saying “…[there’s] going to be a short on inventory all through the summer…”

One of the primary Nissan Leaf plants in Smyrna, Tennessee has a production capacity of 150,000 Leaf EVs annually. Unfortunately, this is production plant has yet to catch up to the surprisingly high demand. One of the primary reasons behind the demand increase is most likely due to the fact that the Nissan Leaf received a fairly decent price drop earlier in the year, not to mention the expansion of the primary marketing area of the model. With the West Coast being its primary market, excitement over the Leaf has spread to many major cities which includes a new third largest market holder, Atlanta.  Gottfried stated “we’re doing everything we can to get them more inventory. Bit its taking time… It will be late fall before we can produce enough to satisfy everybody.”

Play the Nissan GT Academy 2013

Have you ever wanted to get behind the wheel of Nissan 370Z or a Nissan Leaf and hit one of the world’s most well known race tracks? Well now you can! Polyphony Digital released the Nissan GT Academy 2013, technically it’s only a demo for the new Gran Turismo 6 title releases this winter but we’re not going to talk about that part! In this new Nissan GT Academy game (ok fine Gran Turismo 6 demo) the only available cars to use on the race events and the qualifying race is the 2013 Nissan 370Z and the 2013 Nissan Leaf.

In the demo, drivers will be able to get a real look and feel of how these two vehicles can handle the hairline turns and quick stops that when someone puts the peddle to the metal on several different race tracks around the world. To top it off, the Academy chooses the very fastest times to select who will be invited to go through a racing school at Silverstone in the UK. If you’re interested in seeing some of the action, check out the video below of a member of hitting the track in the Nissan 370Z and showing off his skills against the computer opponents!