Drivers can choose Taxi of Tomorrow or Hybrid

2014 Nissan NV200

We’ve talked a lot about the new NV200 “Taxi of tomorrow” trying to work its way into the New York City’s public transit systems here at Nissan of Lake Charles. Not only would help the city with its pollution issues (one of the main causes being traffic from taxies and busses) but would also improve the rides of the drivers and passengers. The new Taxi of Tomorrow has already seen several different issues arise that have caused some struggles. Not too long ago, Nissan is now facing another setback that might cause some major issues with their idea of the Taxi of Tomorrow.

Last week, the New York City’s Taxi and Limousine Commission voted to allow taxi cab drivers to decide whether to use the new Nissan “Taxi of Tomorrow” NV200 or purchase their own hybrids to use instead. The primary switch over was initially set to begin in October of this year, but has since been pushed back slightly due to the legal issues we’ve spoken of before. All of these issues combined, include the delayed rollout, caused the commission to take the vote. Although Nissan will still have a fairly firm grip on the matter, these delays will cost when looking at overall numbers.

Nissan Europe receives first Director of Electric Vehicles

Nissan has had pretty good success with Nissan Leaf sales in America and some other markets, but have had some trouble in Europe. In order to push their Electric Vehicles to a new level, Nissan Europe brought in Jean-Pierre Diernaz (marketing executive from Nissan Infiniti) to turn the tables. European markets have been open to new electric models but are moving along slower than other markets.

Jean Pierre Diernaz started at Ford France where he held several marketing executive positions before jumping teams to Nissan Europe in summer of 2005. Diernaz was promoted to General Manager of Marketing Communications in January of 2007 for Nissan Europe. Diernaz is credited with the success of the ad campaign that helped lead the Qashqai crossover to be the top selling Nissan model in Europe. Nissan is still leading EV sales in Europe with the Leaf but they stated their numbers are still far below their expectations. In order to help with sales, Nissan and Diernaz have considered ride sharing options similar to those in the states, as well as pricing changes to the 2013 Nissan Leaf.


Nissan Micra Hits Sales Floors with a New Look and Feel!

We haven’t spoken a lot about the Nissan Micra in the past, but not too long ago Nissan announced a new facelift to the primarily European and Indian market favorite. The Nissan Micra first went into production in 1982 and has only been through three generations of updates over the years. Despite the lack of change (which most models do every other year if not every year) the Micra has done very well for itself in most markets and has stood toe to toe against other supermini competitors. But this year, Nissan felt it was time for a change up and brought some new and exciting changes to the Micra!

With overall sheet metal tweaks and other revisions, the Nissan Micra came out with an all new look that many consumers are falling in love with.  The new model also received a large number of new technology as well as other interior innovations. Under the hood, the new Nissan Micra has received a supercharged direct injection 1.2 liter three cylinder engine.. Currently, Nissan has no plans for the Micra here in the states, so sadly you won’t find any here at Nissan of Lake Charles! But feel free to check out the Nissan Micra website or check out the video below for more information!

Nissan GT-R Strives to be Fastest Nissan Ever

The Nissan GT-R is well known worldwide for its power and speed, something Nissan prides itself in. And with every new model released, Nissan still tries to shove more and more horses under the hood. After deciding to use the Nissan GT-R as a brand image for its performance segments, it was widely expected that a Nismo (Nissan’s racing segment) branded GT-R would be coming soon. Luckily for us here at Nissan of Lake Charles, and for our readers, some initial information has been leaked!

Earlier this year there was a lot of people talking about the Nissan Super GT-R, but Top Gear recently released that Nismo was going to be improving the GT-R’s power, handling, and styling. The current Nissan GT-R is already a fan favorite among Nissan fans but these upgrades are going to leave them drooling on the pavement! With these upgrades, the Super GT-R is expected to increase horsepower from 545 to nearly 570 and (according to Top Gear experts) an eye popping ring lap time of seven minutes and 22 seconds! For more information on the current Nissan GT-R models available, feel free to check out our inventory pages to see what we have!

Nissan GT-R