2013 Nissan LEAF officially rated at 115 MPGe

It’s pretty easy to tell by now that we here at Nissan of Lake Charles love to talk about our favorite green car, the Nissan LEAF of course! Thanks to the partners we’ve been closely working with we’ve made some pretty big leaps and bounds when it comes to make our planets a greener place for future generations. From continuously improving our electric and hybrid models, all the way to creating more fuel efficient public transportation vehicles to help lower CO2 emissions in big cities, we’re proud of the impact Nissan is having on the world. And today, we’re going to brag just a little bit more!

Not too long ago, the EPA officially finalized its 2013 Nissan LEAF numbers. The LEAF was rated at 115 miles per gallon equivalent (increasing from 99 in previous years) and a single charge range distance of 75 miles! Coming in higher than Nissan had estimated, this is just another chunk of good news for the 2013 Nissan LEAF which has had outstanding sales numbers during the first quarter of the year. These new improvements on top of the top safety rating the 2013 Nissan LEAF received will only increase the popularity in the future months! That means what we have in stock here in Lake Charles will go quick so stop on in today to test drive one today!

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